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Fortnite's PlayStation-exclusive cup gets $1,000,000 prize pool

Epic Games is hosting a Fortnite cup with a grand prize pool for PlayStation 4 players exclusively.

Epic Games is very proud of Fortnite's inclusive multiplayer modes, being in the first batch of companies offering cross-play between PC, consoles and mobile phones. Last summer, however, Epic strayed from the cross-play focus, promoting the Xbox Cup, an online tournament for Xbox players. Very soon, PlayStation players will also be able to hop on the exclusivity train, namely through the Fortnite Celebration Cup - which is held for PS4 players only.

Split into regions, players with a user-level of 15 or above and 2-Factor Authentication enabled on their Epic account, will be competing for lots of cosmetics and a piece of the grand prize pool of $1,000,000 in solo mode. The score will be determined by a player's position at the end of a session of three hours of play as well as their kill count. Check the rules and settings here.

The first day, Saturday, February 15, will be centred around cosmetics. Every player ranked in the first half of the leaderboard will win something: Top 5% - "Tango" In-game Cosmetic Outfit, Pickaxe, and Spray; Top 25% - "Wild Accent" In-game Cosmetic Pickaxe and Spray; and Top 50% - "Take Cover" In-game Cosmetic Spray.

The big day will be on Sunday, February 16. Thousands of player around the world will be rewarded with a small quantity. In Europe, the winner of the Fortnite Celebration Cup - only on PS4 will receive $3,000 while players ranked between 1001-1500 will get $200 each.

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