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Fortnite's latest content update brings more snow-clad joy

Winter in the realm of Fortnite has only just begun.

Tired of the cold, snow-clad outdoors? Epic Games is bringing more winter fun to their massive success of a game, Fortnite so people won't have to go outside to experience a winter wonderland. With the latest content update (v7.20) Fortnite gets a massive amount of fixes, new, fun content and changes to drop rates. The main act, however, seems to be the Sneaky Snowman. This hollowed out (at least we're assuming it's hollowed out for the convenience of the characters) being brings a new sneaking mechanic to the game. Players can find and hop on into one of these ice cold, but oh so adorable, husks and slowly sneak up on their enemies (or run around the map like a mad man stuck inside a snowman).

Not interested in sneaky snowmen? More interested in some game changers for your tactical gameplay? Read the substantial patch notes here.

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