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Fortnite's fire-rates are linked to players' frame-rates

Apparently, players running Epic's super successful shooter at higher frame-rates have a clear advantage over their slower opponents - here's why.

Fortnite is undoubtedly one of the most successful games out there right now and with big success comes big responsibility when it comes to flaws. One of the major factors in the game being as huge as it is is the fact that anyone can pick up the game and play on a level playing field, although that level of accessibility has seen a bump in the road. A heap of players have been calling Epic Games out regarding an unfair advantage being used in Fortnite lately.

Digital Foundry put this to the test and found that people running the game at a higher frame-rate (60 fps versus 30 fps in this instance) had a 5.2% higher fire-rate than those at a lower one. The percentage may not be a massive one but the fact that it's there is worthy of discussion. Epic Games have since declared they will fix this issue in a later update.

Is this issue big enough to impact the game?


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