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Fortnite x Liverpool Raise The Cup Tournament to take place today

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Fortnite fans will have the chance today to scoop up an exclusive football-themed emote through the Fortnite x Liverpool Raise The Cup Tournament. Players from all regions are eligible to compete, but it is only the very best that will unlock the new prize on offer.

The competition is said to feature a squads format and will take place in one roughly three-hour round. In Europe, you need to be in the top 1,000 to earn the prize, but in other regions, such as Asia, and the Middle East, it is much stricter with a top 125 finish required.

If you don't make the cut this time around, don't fear, as the emote will be coming to the in-game at a currently unconfirmed later date.

You can read the full ruleset for the competition here.

Thanks, ESTNN.

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