Fortnite Winter Royale Online tournament revealed

Open online qualifiers start this week.

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Fortnite has been busy upping its esports efforts this year, with Epic Games hosting the Summer Skirmish and Fall Skirmish so far, and now the studio has revealed the Winter Royale Online tournament, as well as big updates to the tournament system as a whole.

This system was released last month, but in the v6.30 update fixes were made to matchmaking and other bugs, meaning players can now get matched correctly with opponents at similar point levels. "We will continue to explore the best fit for competition by adjusting the matchmaking process over time as needed," the post adds.

From now on though you'll also start seeing new Pop-Up Cups in the events tab, which are online tournaments with various game settings, just like competitive versions of limited-time events.

The main event is starting later this month though, as this Winter Royale Open competition will emulate the qualification process for the World Cup in preparation for that tournament. The solo events will have two parts - qualifiers and finals - which have a total of $1 million USD up for grabs, and there are several chances to get high scores in this event, with the highest score you get during any event session being the one that counts.

Once the top performers from both Europe and North America are verified they'll then be invited to the finals for their region, although other regions will be getting tournaments in the near future.

For those who want to compete, the open qualifier runs from November 24 to 25, while the Europe finals will take place from November 30 to December 1, with North America's running from December 11 to 12. More specific timings, however, can be found in the events tab.

Will you try your luck?

Photo: Epic Games

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