Fortnite to launch on next-generation consoles on day one

The title will also feature cross-save so you can bring all your account's items to the next-gen.

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Epic Games has detailed their plans for the next-generation of Fortnite, which is set to arrive on the Xbox Series family of consoles, and the PS5 on their respective day-one launch dates.

Xbox fans can look forward to 4K/60FPS on Series X, with a more dynamic and interactive world, where grass and trees react to explosives, fluid simulations, and new storm/cloud effects. On the Series S, users can expect 1080p at 60FPS, with most of the dynamic enhancements of the Series X's version. Likewise, both will get you into matches faster with quicker load times and both will also support split-screen at 60 FPS.

The PS5 will also run 4K/60FPS alike the Series X, with the same new dynamic world changes as the Series X version. The main differences will be surrounding the DualSense controller qualities that will enable haptic feedback and adaptive trigger integration for many areas of the title's shooting systems. Similarly, PS5 users will be able to select their favourite modes from the Home Screen, allowing them to dive straight into Battle Royale mode when booting the game up. The PS5 will also feature faster loading times, and split-screen at 60FPS.

Players jumping into the next-generation of gaming will have all of their account wide items ready to go at launch, thanks to the next iteration of cross-save systems.


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