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Fortnite to get visual upgrade in Chapter 2 Season 7

The upgrades will be landing with season 7 next week.

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Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 6 is coming to a close next week, and with that Chapter 7 will officially be launching on June 8. With this new season, Epic has revealed that the PC version of the game will be getting a few new upgrades to its visuals, which includes "new and enhanced effects plus improved postprocessing features and shadow quality."

The new features will see those who play with Quality Presets get a noticeable improvement to the storm, cloud, smoke, and liquid effects. On top of this, a new postprocessing feature will improve bloom, lens flare, and shadow quality. The explosion effects introduced in this new update will actually reflect the version of Fortnite that was introduced for new-gen consoles in late 2020.

With these new features, Epic has stated that running Fortnite with "optimal performance" will require higher device specifications, and that the new High settings will be the equivalent of the pre season 7 Epic settings. You can take a look at the new device specifications for Fortnite at the link above.


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