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Fortnite streamer receives record $75,000 USD donation

It's the largest donation Twitch has ever seen, and came from KingMascot who wanted to help his friend out of a tough time.

With streaming as big as it is, donations are a thing that happen all the time, with content creators receiving money from their fans to keep producing the content that they love. That said, we can guarantee you've never heard of a donation this big before.

As reported by Kotaku, streamer Exotic Chaotic was just sitting there playing Fortnite as you do, when suddenly something came up on the screen he couldn't believe (you can see the surprise right here). He had in fact received a donation of no less than $75,000 USD, which by the way is the largest donation ever made on the platform.

"At first I thought my moderator 'IEsh' was messing with me," he told Kotaku. "He sometimes would test $100 donations through Streamlabs just to set the alert off and startle me, so at first it was [like] 'Oh, this must be a joke.' Then I checked my PayPal and saw $72,000 on hold and then kind of just examined everything about it for a bit—trying to make sure it was real money. It cleared 24 hours after he donated."

So who was the mystery donation from then? It was actually another streamer called KingMascot, who said he wanted to help his friend. Exotic Chaotic had been going through a tough time financially after all, with his girlfriend working hard to support his streaming career.

"It's been a month since I knew I was gonna do it, but PayPal wasn't the easiest to work with," KingMascot said. "Felt timing [was] right for around the holidays so they could have a great start to the year.

What a heartwarming story, don't you agree?


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