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Fortnite streamed by over four million people on Xbox Cloud Gaming

One million of which were new to the Xbox ecosystem.

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Almost three months ago, Epic and Microsoft launched a new concept for Fortnite that made it possible to play it with Xbox Cloud Gaming without the need of any kind of subscriptions. Thanks to this, it suddenly became possible to play Fortnite on iOS again, something that hasn't been possible for years due to a feud regarding microtransactions between Apple and Epic.

And it seems like people have been really eager to do so. During yesterday's quarterly report from Microsoft, the CEO Satya Nadella revealed that more than four million people have streamed Fortnite on Xbox Cloud Gaming, and one million of those were "new to the ecosystem".

Xbox Cloud Gaming can be used with most things having a relatively modern web browser, and was recently also added for Samsung Smart TV. Microsoft has previously said they want hundreds of millions of people playing video games streamed, and we assume there will be more games added (Halo Infinite should be a no-brainer) that can be played this way without any extra hassle.


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