Fortnite removes Yoda backbling following crashes

Disabled, I have been.

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As part of Star Wars Day last weekend, Epic Games introduced a cool Yoda back bling that let you treat whatever skin you're wearing as Luke Skywalker training with the Jedi master in the swamps of Dagobah.

However, following the discovery that Yoda was actually crashing the game when players were squadding up, unfortunately the little green man has to say goodbye for now. Epic Games has already disabled the Yoda back bling, along with the Dagobah Luke skin and disassembled C-3P0, but it hasn't made it clear why it has disabled this other items.

A fix is coming at some point, so don't expect the back bling to be gone forever. It seems that the crash only occurs when players use a certain emote as well, so hopefully Yoda won't be gone for too long.


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