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Fortnite receives heat for including updates in Winter Royale

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The Fortnite Winter Royale open competition is just having its final for the North American portion, but there has been criticism leveled at organisers due to recent updates to the game, which add features including a sword.

Pro player Timothy 'Bizzle' Miller had this to say on the recent updates to the game:

"Can't believe I put my full time into Fortnite and they pull 2 updates before a major tournament. Huge loss of respect for @FortniteGame IDC what I've made in the past, a f***ing sword, airplanes that don't shoot each other and target players without them."

"Also the poor Casters who get tricked into this shit, making it sound like people are making smart decisions when the game rn is rewarding idiots with points."

Avery 'Avxry' Lopriore of FaZe Clan also agrees (as reported by Dexerto), as he took to Twitter to add:

"Epic Games should apologies to this wave of Winter Skirmish players and redo heat 1 and revert the patch to how EU Skirmish was. Unfair to everyone competing today."

"Yes, the sword and planes are cool for the general population. Not for people who actually grind the game."

"This is a prime example on how competive and the base game are two different modes in Fortnite. I'm sure Epic will do the right thing in the future. I just feel for the guys that had to be sliced up like sushi with bag much money on the line."

What do you think? Should Fortnite be more consistent with content in pro tournaments?

Photo: Epic Games

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