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Epic Games' sandbox survival game has been a long time coming, but it's shaping up to be a deep experience that's worth the wait.


If you fancy taking a more distant approach to murdering bad guys, though, there are traps to do that for you. These range from the basic rudimentary options, like spikes coming through the floor, to more intricate ones, like those which throw the enemy up in the air, only to come crashing down again. These can be used in combination with weapons to devastating effect, and placement is also extremely important too, as you can easily kit out a corridor with traps just to have the zombies go another way around.

The zombies aren't dumb either. Admittedly, they're not rocket scientists, and they'll still walk into well-laid traps very happily, but Phelps told us that they do actually identify areas of weakness in your forts, and will aim for those accordingly. This means you need to keep all areas strong in your fort, and also plug any holes if they appear. Much like with other zombie games like Call of Duty's Zombies mode, once a crack appears, a drip can turn into a flood, and you'll find yourself in hot water.

From the brief glimpse we got of the crafting, this looks deep enough that you can defend yourself in a number of ways. Although there were only around five options available to use in the quick menu, these being the basic walls, floors, stairs etc., a wider radial menu opened up different categories such as traps which, once you get used to how it works and how to place things, gives you more options. On top of this, walls can be edited when placed to include doors and windows, although we found this process a little fiddly when we tried it. Regardless, the fact that everything can be customised so quickly made the process that bit more appealing, and we can imagine this will be a game where community creations are a big selling point, so much so that we hope to see a feature where you can download or at least witness community created forts.

You construct things in the game using supplies and materials, and you can destroy pretty much everything with your trusty pickaxe to get these resources. From cars to trees, nothing is safe if you fancy building something, and this also gives you a way to shape the landscape. In this way it's not surprising the game has been likened to Minecraft, except now you're imposing artificial structures on the land rather than shaping the land itself.

All in all the time we had with Fortnite felt too short, as there was so much to do, explore, and unpack that we were longing for more time with the game after half an hour. Take this as a good sign, then, as we were eager to learn more about what we could do, but from what we saw the crafting was deep, the weapons varied, and the concept intriguing, and hopefully this hook will be enough to ensure it provides a meaningful experience as it enters early access next month.

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