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Fortnite player makes history by hitting level 1000 in-game

The feat has never been accomplished in a single season before.

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Over its four-year lifespan, Fortnite has broken all kinds of records, but now, all this time after launch, another record has been broken. For the first time ever in the game's history, a player has reached level 1000 in a single season.

Reported on by PCGamesN, it was the YouTuber Rages Revenge that managed to achieve the feat, and they have managed to do it with this season having over a month left until the new one launches and the levels are reset.

Shown off in a video on Revenge's YouTube channel, the level 1000 was completed by opening an ammo crate, and while there is a ton of time to continue leveling to see just how far Revenge can go, the jump from 1000 to 1001 is now a staggering two million XP. You can see the moment at around the timestamp of 14:30.

What level are you in this season of Fortnite?


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