Fortnite is raising the price of V-Bucks in certain regions

The Fortnite economy is on the brink of collapse.

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In the UK, Mexico, and Canada, V-Bucks are becoming more expensive. The Fortnite in-game currency is often how players will purchase cosmetic items and the battle pass each season.

As confirmed by the Fortnite news blog, Epic Games has introduced a new pricing structure. The changes to prices aren't huge, but they are significant. For example, in the UK the least expensive pack of V-Bucks has gone from £6.49 to £6.99, but if you want the most expensive bundle of fake coins you'll be paying £69.99 instead of £64.99.

Epic Games cites "economic factors like inflation and currency fluctuations" as the reasoning behind the price increase. But, considering V-Bucks are a fake currency made up by Epic Games, it's strange to see how they're affected by the economic situation in the world.

Epic Games has stated that the price of the Fortnite Crew subscription won't be going up, but other cosmetic bundles will be re-evaluated in their pricing, including the Dark Reflections, Magma Masters, Lava Legends, Summer Legends, and the Wish, Set, Match packs.


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