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Fortnite is once again playable on iOS with clever trick from Epic and Microsoft

A solution for Apple users missing Fortnite has appeared, but it's probably not what you think...

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A few years back, there was a massive feud between Apple and Epic, which really wasn't resolved in a satisfying way for either of them, resulting in Fortnite being removed from Apple Store. Possibly for good.

But there is a pretty easy workaround now, as Fortnite is now playable through Xbox Cloud Gaming. And the best thing is it works for everyone. As Epic and Microsoft reports on Xbox Wire, this is free for everyone. You don't have to pay for Xbox Live Gold, you don't have to play for Game Pass. Just head over to in your preferred browser and start enjoying the fun.

There are two small catches though, as you will need to create a Microsoft account (which is free) and you will be playing streamed, so make sure you have a great connection. Still, pretty neat way to sneak Fortnite back on iOS, right?


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