Fortnite is finally adding a female Midas skin

The skin will be called Marigold, and will have a similar reactive effect to Midas.

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Considering the sheer amount of skins that Fortnite gets, it can be challenging to find the reveal of a new one all that exciting, but the recent leak by Fortnite insider HYPEX showed off a female equivalent of the fan favourite Midas skin that will surely have some people excited.

Named Marigold, this new cosmetic was originally designed as a fan project, but now it seems like it will be coming to the live game soon. The skin features a similar looking character to Midas -i.e. a pale skinned character with a white shirt and a black waistcoat, and a damaged eyeball- but as a woman, and it does seem to feature the same reactive effect that slowly turns the character into gold as the player earns more kills in the live game.

The skin is expected to cost 1,500 V-Bucks, and will come with a few additional cosmetics that befit her design, such as a pair of golden swords and a duffle bag with golden bullets, as Pickaxes and Back Bling respectively.

When the skin is expected to drop, that currently remains unknown.


Thanks, PCGamer.

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