Fortnite attracts more heat for adding weapons during tournaments

The Boom Box is in question here, another mid-tournament addition that has riled up the players and the community.

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We've reported in the past on Epic Games receiving criticism for adding items into Fortnite during high-stakes esports competitions that significantly change the meta and the way that the game is played, in turn disrupting the players, and now they've attracted even more heat after figures such as Rod Breslau pointed out the new item Boom Box had been added during the $100,000 USD WSOE (World Showdown of Esports) Fortnite LAN event, Breslau having confirmed with WSOE that this new item would be featured.

Some have speculated that Epic has added these items during tournaments to show them off, and that they aren't seriously committed to being an esport. One thing is certain though - the good will towards the game is wearing off with those in the competitive community as tournaments with big prizes are being compromised by what is being added.

"Epic is trolling," TSM's Fortnite player Ali 'Myth' Kabbani said when asked about the Boom Box, which echoes the sentiments expressed by many - players or otherwise - on what Epic has been doing recently.

What do you think of these additions during events?


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