Fortnite adds new batch of NFL skins

The Gridiron Gang is back, and looking better than ever.

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Epic Games has announced new NFL skins for Fortnite, to build on and update the already existing NFL skins in the game. Currently available to purchase from the in-game store, these skins have been released in due time for the annual three-game (two-games this year due to Covid-related postponements) NFL Thanksgiving show, set to begin in a few hours.

The updated Gridiron Gang skins will feature all 32-teams, each with a new aerodynamic and sporty look. Likewise, each uniform comes with two versions, a home and away kit, as well as a Logo-a-go Back Bling to represent any team's logo. Last of all, these new skins will also allow you to customise the jersey number and the colour of the visor on the helmet.

It should be noted, these skins are not extensions of the previous Gridiron Gang batch, and will require additional purchase.

Also coming with the skins are a few other football-themed cosmetics, such as the It's Good and Penalty emotes.


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