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Forspoken's story could've been very different

The original writer for the game has revealed their original pitch was mostly abandoned.

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Gary Whitta, the original writer for Forspoken, has recently revealed that the final product of the game's story was nothing like his original pitch. While Whitta is credited with the original concept, it seems like barely any of his ideas made it into the game.

Speaking with Alanah Pearce, Whitta didn't reveal what his original idea was, but said that when he was approached to write Square Enix's new version, which involved interdimensional portals, he declined due to scheduling issues.

Forspoken's writing has been considered to be one of the game's major issues, and the internet went back and forth over whether quippy dialogue should be in video games. We don't know how Whitta's original concept would've changed Forspoken, but there are many who won't rest until they know what they could've had.

What did you think of Forspoken's story?


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