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Forspoken's In Tanta We Trust DLC gets May release date

The prequel will offer new magical abilities and more.

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Square Enix put a lot of time and money into Forspoken in hope of making it the publisher's next giant franchise, but technical issues and Magnus being far from the only one that thinks it would be good at best without these problems are only two of the reasons why sales have been lacklustre and many have seemingly already forgotten about the game. That doesn't mean the Japanese publisher wants to break its promise about future content.

A press release states that Forspoken's In Tanta We Trust expansion is set to launch on May 26 (May 23 if you own the Digital Deluxe Edition). This is a prequel that takes place 25 years before the main game by transporting Frey back to the legendary battle called Purge of the Rheddig. Not that this means we'll just fight the same old enemies and such, as this expansion includes more story, new magical abilities and "honed magic-enhanced parkour skills" while traveling with Tanta Cinta.

Does this sound like enough to bring you back to or prolong your time with Forspoken?


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