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Forspoken Gets a New Cinematic Trailer Ahead of Release

Take another look at the journey of Frey.

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Usually, you'd expect to see a cinematic trailer long before the release of a game, but Forspoken has made what is likely its final trailer before release one without gameplay, making it seem likely that this is more a TV spot than anything else.

In this new trailer, which only runs for about a minute, we see the dual life of our protagonist Frey, as she runs through the streets of New York and the forests of Athia, the world that she is transported to.

Athia is where most of our action takes place. It is the world where Frey has magical powers, after all. We see Frey running away from some wolves before taking on a winged enemy and dashing through the open landscape in front of her.

Then, in typical video game trailer fashion, she finds herself facing off against a large, intimidating enemy but before we see any action we cut to a title screen and release date.

Did this get you hyped for Forspoken? Let us know, and keep an eye for more when the game launches on the 14th of January.


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