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Forspoken confirmed to have microtransactions

The PC and PlayStation 5 game will be arriving in late May.

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The first game from Luminous Productions, founded by the same team that made Final Fantasy XV, is the PC and PlayStation 5 game Forspoken. It launches on May 24, and has now been rated by ESRB (the American equivalent to PEGI).

Thanks to this, we now have a whole lot more information about the adventure, here's what to expect:

"This is an action role-playing game in which player assume the role of a woman (Frey) who finds herself teleported to a fantasy world. As players try to find their way home, they can explore and traverse terrain, interact with characters, and battle fantastical creatures. Players use a magical vambrace and other attacks (e.g., leach, disperse, tendril) to defeat zombie-like creatures and monsters in frenetic combat. Battles are accompanied by colorful effects, screen-shaking, and cries of pain. Cutscenes depict additional acts of violence: a character attempting to jump off a building; monsters killing civilians; a character held at gunpoint. The words "f**k" and "sh*t" are heard in the game."

Another thing that is listed for the game is "In-Game Purchases", which basically means microtransactions. We don't know if it's only cosmetics or game-altering stuff like boosters to remove unnecessary grind or in-game currency, but Marvel's Avengers, which was also published by Square Enix, did have some pay-to-win. This led to a lot of criticism so let's hope they have learned their lesson.


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