Dead Space 2

Former Visceral man says Dead Space 2 'underperformed'

Zach Wilson took to Twitter to talk about the game.

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Earlier this week we found out that EA was closing down Visceral Games, and ex-Visceral developer Zach Wilson has now taken to Twitter to talk about one game that apparently didn't perform as well as hoped - Dead Space 2.

"Dead Space 2 cost 60 Million dollars to make and they were merciless with their budget. They only sold 4 [million] and that wasn't enough cause you gotta spend 60 million dollars marketing it and you take a huge hit from MS and retailers taking their cut," he said in response to other users. "This also by the way is why you're seeing every pub make their own digital marketplace. Do you hate Uplay? Well, the pub gets 90% of the $$$."

"I don't know if it turned a profit. But it underperformed, and meeting expectations are as important," he added later on, and for more on the extensive thread on the matter be sure to check Twitter.

Are you surprised by these claims?

Dead Space 2

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