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Former Valorant Director Joins Bungie

And he's excited to be working on "new stuff."

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Former Valorant Game Director Joe Ziegler has announced that he will be joining the team at Bungie, the developer most prominently known for its work on the early Halo games and Destiny 2.

Ziegler confirmed the move on Twitter, ending an eight-year long career at Riot Games, where he focused solely on the competitive FPS Valorant. Given his experience in the shooter genre, it seems Ziegler will be a good fit at Bungie.

What is notable about Ziegler joining Bungie is that in his Twitter post he did not make it clear what game he was working on. With no mention of Destiny 2 in the tweet, some have taken this to mean that he'll be working on a currently unannounced project from Bungie.

Currently, it is expected that Bungie is working on another multiplayer action game while simultaneously supporting Destiny 2. Considering the Sony and Bungie deal from earlier this year, there are already a lot of big expectations about what the developer will display next.


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