Former Smite two-time World Champion Adapting has retired from professional play

The decorated player is hanging up his competitive career.

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Earlier we reported on the news of the Pittsburgh Knights winning their second back-to-back Smite World Championship. Whilst fans of that organisation will likely still be ecstatic with how their team played, fans of Radiance and the past and immensely successful NRG roster will be disappointed to hear that Jungler and two-time Worlds Champion Kennet "Adapting" Ros has announced his retirement from professional play.

If you have followed the competitive Smite scene over the past few years, you are probably aware of Adapting, especially during his time on the record setting NRG roster. Aside from the glory days when Adapting and the NRG roster secured multiple wins over a couple of years, he has since struggled to replicate those achievements, and now after falling in the semi-finals once again on the Worlds stage, the Jungler has decided to end his competitive career.

Adapting stated on Twitter; "There my career comes to an end, I am so thankful for all the great moments I've had. Thanks to all of you and good luck to @KnightsGG in the finals."

This announcement does mean that Radiance will be in the market for a new Jungler. Although as a season comes to a close, rosters frequently get turned upside down so there's a pretty large chance a lot of players make moves over the coming weeks.

Were you a fan of Adapting over his professional career?

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