Mass Effect Legendary Edition

Former Mass Effect lead writer reveals when he knew it was time to leave BioWare

Mac Walters founded a new studio called Worlds Untold last month.

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Mac Walters worked on some of the most-popular BioWare games of all-time, including Dragon Age, Mass Effect, and more. By the time Mass Effect 2 rolled around, he was a lead writer, and helped guide the series forward before deciding to leave the studio this past January.

Speaking to MinnMax, Walters opened up about his decision to leave and what caused it. Apparently, the remaster of the first three Mass Effect games in the Mass Effect Legendary Edition was the straw that broke the camel's back.

Even as a remaster, the game was "an immense project," according to Walters. "All of a sudden we've got this project that's unplanned. What do we do with it?"

"I knew I wasn't going to have a huge internal team ... I quickly realized that we're going to need co-dev work, we're not going to be able to handle this just with our internal team," he continued. "So [it was] just a whole different mindset of how we want to run things."

"After Legendary Edition, because it was so successful to me as a project, in the sense of the team was healthy, we really got along, then of course it was critically and financially successful, it just felt like, this is the bow on all the things I've done in Mass Effect, which is like all the things. I don't want to do any more Mass Effect after this. Why tempt fate?"

It does seem like the Mass Effect Legendary Edition puts the original trilogy behind us, and even though we'll be returning to familiar characters by the looks of things in the next Mass Effect game, those early days with Shepard are long behind us.

Mass Effect Legendary Edition

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