Dragon Age: Origins

Former Dragon Age writer thinks a TV show of the game is a 'terrible idea'

After Fallout, fans want more successful games to become movies/shows.

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It seems we're living in a golden age of video game adaptations. From the animated series like Arcane and Cyberpunk: Edgerunners, to the live-action shows such as The Last of Us and Fallout, all the way to the big screen with The Super Mario Bros. Movie, even if video game adaptations aren't drawing in 10/10 ratings, most of them are at least pulling in some cash.

Following the success of Prime Video's Fallout show, many gamers have been weighing in with what franchise they want to see adapted next. Former Dragon Age lead writer David Gaider wrote on X/Twitter that he's not keen on seeing the fantasy RPG be adapted.

"I imagine everyone would expect me to say Dragon Age, but that'd be a terrible idea. I want to see a David Lynch-style (on acid) Disco Elysium. Or maybe Banishers," Gaider wrote.

Regarding BioWare's other big RPG franchise, Mass Effect, Gaider still doesn't want to see it adapted. "Is there any way for it NOT to be just a painted over Star Trek, though? Because we've got plenty of Star Trek at home, kids," he said.

Do you agree with Gaider?

Dragon Age: Origins

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