Forgotton Anne

Forgotton Anne is out now

On PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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As you can tell in our review, ThroughLine Games' Forgotton Anne is a title we really enjoyed for a number of different reasons, and today marks the day that the 2D adventure is available for all PC, PS4, and Xbox One players, so they can enjoy Anne's journey as well.

To summarise, Forgotton Anne is about Anne, also known as The Enforcer, who upholds the law in a world full of forgotten objects who have come to life through a power known as anima, and in this world Anne must negotiate a rebellion and find out what's really going on with these so-called Forgotlings.

"There are few games that stand out in the way Forgotton Anne does," says Phil Elliott, Director of Indie Publishing at Square Enix West. "It really does screen anime. If you pause in play, you'd swear you were watching an animation rather than playing a game, yet the story the plays out is one so delicate, so captivating, it deserves to be housed in such striking surroundings. It really is one of the most stunning games we've ever put out."

"It's great to have seen anime fans really take to Forgotton Anne over the course of its development," says Alfred Nguyen, Creative Director and Co-founder of ThroughLine Games. "Whenever you're watching a quality animation, there's always the desire to get in there and interact with it. We wanted to take that desire and build on it, delivering a quality platform puzzler that brings life to what we think is an engaging story."

The game is available on Steam for £15.49/$19.99/€19.99, PlayStation 4 for £16.00/$19.99/€19.99, and Xbox One for £15.99/$19.99/€19.99, and if you're still interested in Forgotton Anne, check out our livestream replay below where we play it alongside the developers.

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Forgotton Anne

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