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For Honor

For Honor's season three tournament tainted by bug exploits

There were more issues than that though.

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Ubisoft's For Honor is getting a brand new update tomorrow to launch season three, bringing with it new warriors and maps, and to celebrate the occasion, Ubisoft held a tournament over the weekend which was livestreamed, although it probably didn't go the way they'd hoped, as it displayed a lot of issues.

A post on Reddit has compiled a list of the most noteworthy faults with the tournament, and one of the biggest was that the PC finalist Jakub 'SB.Alernakin' Palen won by using an exploit called Unlock Tech, changing certain properties of abilities and moves if performed at specific times, as summarised by Reddit user ColdBlackCage. Palen's own response to this? "I didn't think it would be this easy."

Other issues include the Raider being overpowered with the Stampede Charge, as evidenced by the match between BTU.Sorensid and Clutchmeister, where both of them run around just trying to Stampede Charge each other. There's also the bug that led to one player falling to the ground after being repelled from a grapple, a common issue when fighting on uneven terrain.

"This is a downright embarrassment for the For Honor community," ColdBlackCage wrote. "These issues are by no means recent issues, and have been of heavy contention the past few weeks leading up to this tournament in community discussion. For Honor is theoretically supposed to be a fighting game, but this tournament has potentially shown to thousands of people just how thin the game is in a setting where players are supposedly trying their absolute best to secure the prize money."

This isn't the first time that Ubisoft has ventured into esports with For Honor, as they launched the Hero Series earlier this year, but this does serve as a sign that things aren't exactly perfect, and that changes (or new rules) will have to be put in place.

Do you agree with using exploits?

For Honor

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