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For Honor

For Honor's Return of the Otherworld event starts now

Bringing new cosmetic items, weekly quests, and much more.

Ubisoft has revealed a spooktastic Halloween event called Return of the Otherworld, hitting For Honor on PC, PS4, and Xbox One right now and running until November 8, providing fans with a suitable amount of themed quests and items as you might expect.

Endless March is a new game mode that fans are getting, a variation of the 4v4 Dominion Mode, where soldiers appear as skeletons and deal a terrifying amount of damage. Conquering zones will only get you temporary points here, but killing soldiers and enemy players will ensure permanent points, with the goal being to reach 1,000 points and topple all four enemy players to win.

The Marching Fire expansion brought a PvE Arcade mode to the game, and Return of the Otherworld will bring the first Arcade Weekly Quest, where players will embark on a number of adventures to battle skeletons and shamans for exclusive cosmetic loot.

Thematic community orders are also coming, with a rotation of four based on factions, and with each challenge players within the faction that reach the combined objective will get 1,000 Steel as well as two crates, with second place getting 500 Steel and one crate (with no crates but 500 Steel going to third).

Of course it wouldn't be a themed event without exclusive loot, as players can customise their heroes with new Mask Outfits, available at a discounted cost of 15,000 Steel per Hero during the first week. There are also cosmetic items, weapons, and a fresh Moonlight Sonata effect, all of which can be looted from Arcade mode.

A trailer down below gives you a taste of the frights, as well as some screenshots too. Will you be diving back into For Honor?

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