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For Honor

For Honor's new Storr Stronghold map gets a trailer

See how the new map in Ubisoft's game is designed and laid out ahead of release later this week.

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Just last week we reported on Ubisoft showing off the Jormungandr warrior ahead of Y3S3 of For Honor, and now they've released a brand new trailer dedicated solely to the new map coming to the game, called Storr Stronghold.

Here we get to see the interiors and exteriors at various times of day, and the fort is even being besieged during several points of the trailer. This provides a good insight into the layout ahead of the bloody battles that'll take place, so you can get the upper hand when it launches.

This releases on August 1, so we can see what Storr Stronghold is all about this Thursday. Do you like the design?

For Honor

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