For Honor

For Honor's last Year 3 seasonal event is Zhanhu's Gambit

This is now active, including a limited-time mode that sees you protect the Emperor as he flees the Blackstone Legion.

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Ubisoft has revealed that For Honor's last Year 3 seasonal event, Zhanhu's Gambit, is now active and available to play until January 2, letting you experience Sun Da's story and his role in the fight between Wu Lin and the Blackstone Legion.

There's a new limited-time mode called Emperor's Escape as part of this event, letting players relive the escape of the Wu Lin Emperor from the Legion after the fight at Qiang Pass. It's a four-player PvE mode where players have to protect the Emperor against hordes of aggressors, capturing zones to move across the map. There are even "cursed" enemies with special modifiers, so it's a tough challenge, especially considering the Blackstone commander also needs to be defeated.

From now until January 6 the Zhanhu's Gambit Bundle is available at 45,000 Steel per hero, including outfits, effects, and ornaments.

Next year will be the Year of the Reckoning for For Honor, with Year 4 delivering four new seasons, two Heroes, and new armour sets, not to mention other free content, as you can read here.

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For Honor
For Honor

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