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For Honor

For Honor shows off Jormungandr warrior ahead of Y3S3

Hulda will usher in the new warrior in August, as well as hero updates for existing characters in the game.

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Ubisoft has revealed that Season 3 of the third year of For Honor will usher in a new Viking warrior called Jormungandr, with this season - called Hulda - available from August 1 at 20:00 BST (21:00 CEST) for owners of the Year 3 Pass, and all others available to get access to the hero on August 8 at 19:00 BST (20:00 CEST) for 15,000 Steel.

"The Jormungandr are Viking sectarians who wear their devotion to the Great Serpent, after whom they are named on their scarred bodies. Led by Hulda or Gretar, the female and male version of the New Hero, the Jormungandr aims to crush the weak before Ragnarok comes, as they believe only the most worthy must remain for the Great Battle. Wielding their mighty War Hamarr during fights, they cull their opponents with their powerful attacks," the press release explains.

You can use these warriors on the new Breach Map in Storr Stronghold, coming with Hulda as well, along with Hero updates to Nobushi, Orochi, and others. If you're interested in Season 3, you should also check out at livestream tomorrow at 17:00 BST (18:00 CEST) over on For Honor's Twitch channel.

You can check out a trailer for Season 3 below, and remember that For Honor will also be landing on Ubisoft's Uplay+ subscription service, which revealed its lineup of 100 games this month.

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For Honor

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