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For Honor

For Honor new hero Zhanhu will be playable in a week

The new hero will be part of the Year 3 Season 4 celebration.

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For Honor is entering Year 3 Season 4, the title of this update is called Sun Da, and it is just around the corner. This time players will be able to to recruit a new hero called Zhanhu, available starting from 7th November. Zhanhu is strong and fast, "excel at following up their dodges with quick attacks, and rely on their mobility and long, single-edged Changdao blade to outmaneuver their opponents. As masters of artillery, they also bring devastating new feats to the battlefield", according to the press release. You can choose to be male or female version of this hero as you like.

In addition to the new Hero, Season 4 also offers a new Breach map called "Qiana Pass", featuring a great Wu Lin fortress situated on a narrow mountain pass.

If you already have Year 3 Pass, then you can start playing right away when the new content "Zhanhu" gets released on 7th Nov., while other players have to wait until 14th Nov.

For Honor is available now on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. You can check theofficial site for more details.

For Honor

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