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For Honor

For Honor gets an Arcade mode

Fight waves of enemies either alone or co-op.

Ubisoft's For Honor has already had a long life, with expansions bolstering the melee action already, but now a new PvE mode is about to arrive into the game, as the Arcade mode is presented as infinite and unlimited content in which you fight waves of enemies randomly controlled by the AI, alone or with a friend.

Note also that you can join a game in Arcade mode if a friend invites you too, even if you do not have the expansion yourself. You can improve your equipment, choose different modifiers, and decide the difficulty of the mission, with more details available in the video below. All rewards unlocked in this mode can be used in multiplayer, by the way.

The Marching Fire DLC, which will see the new Chinese Faction Wu Lin join the game, is scheduled for October 16 on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One, and on top of that the graphics will be improved, the lighting system and the interface will be reviewed, and the dialog will be more dynamic, whether you have the expansion or not.

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