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For Honor

For Honor celebrates 20 million players with a brand new hero

Ubisoft's fighting game has grown a lot in the last six months, and people ask why we haven't heard about a sequel yet...

For Honor is a great game, and to that end Ubisoft has announced that it has been played by more than 20 million players since its launch on February 14, 2017. This means that the number of players has grown by five million in the last six months! Impressive, but maybe not surprising when you consider the great job the developers are doing in supporting the game.

And they're not planning on stopping anytime soon either, as a new fighter, the Hitokiri, will join the roster for Season Pass owners when this year's second season starts on May 2 (and for everyone else on May 9). You can see the female version of this ghostly samurai warrior shown off in the trailer below.

Why do you think For Honor keeps growing at such an impressive pace?

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