Football Manager 2021

Football Manager 2021 delayed until later this year

Sports Interactive has announced that Football Manager 2021 will spend a bit more time in the development stage due to COVID-19.

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It hasn't been an easy year at all, this 2020, due to the global coronavirus pandemic, which has undoubtedly brought industries from all around the world to its knees, including the video games industry. Many productions have slowed down in the development stage, many others have been delayed and among these, today, we find out that there's also the next Football Manager.

In a long and detailed letter published on its official website, Sports Interactive's Miles Jacobson announced that the next iteration in the popular sports sim franchise remains confirmed for this year, but it will land later compared to the releases of the past years, usually scheduled for November.

The good news, however, is that despite the Covid-19 emergency, Sports Interactive still managed to remain financially stable in this period of uncertainties, and that, as Jacobson writes in conclusion to the post, this delay will be used in a way purposeful, since the goal is to launch some games in the series (and presumably also Football Manager 2021) also on additional platforms and stores.

Football Manager 2021

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