Football Manager 2020

Football Manager 2020 is free for a week

Hopefully, it can give you a better time as we all continue with the social distancing caused by the coronavirus outbreak.

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In these trying times, a bit of good news is always welcomed. This time it comes from Sports Interactive and Sega, as they announced that Football Manager 2020 is free to play since yesterday, March 18, and will remain so until the next week March 25 (3pm GMT).

You can go straight to the game's Steam page and click the play button, and it will instantly move to your library and be fully playable until the free week ends (available on PC/Mac only). You can also continue your game if you decided to purchase the game after the free week is done and dusted.

In other Football Manager news, the studio recently confirmed that the game wouldn't be updated to reflect the ongoing pandemic. More on that here.

Football Manager 2020

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