Football Manager 2017

Football Manager 2017 launching November 4

As well as Football Manager Touch 2017.

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It's that time of year again, and with the football season now up and running, Sega this week announced that Football Manager 2017 and Football Manager Touch 2017 will be released on November 4.

Those who purchase Football Manager 2017 on Linux, Mac or PC will get a free copy of Football Manager Touch 2017 (described as a "streamlined 'transfers and tactics' version"), although the latter will still be available as a standalone purchase.

Fans who buy Football manager 2017 from certain digital retailers can also start their careers at least two weeks prior to the official release by playing a Beta version. Sega also emphasised that single player careers in this Beta can be continued in the full game.

All pre-orders of the game, regardless of whether or not they are digital, will come with downloadable content for Football Manager Touch 2017, including "Board over-ride", "No firing", "All job applications", "National management" as well as three challenges to play in the Challenge mode.

New features will be revealed in the days leading up to the release of the Beta via their official website and through Twitter and Facebook.

Football Manager 2017
Football Manager 2017

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