Shenmue I & II

Footage of cancelled Shenmue remake emerges

And it looks a lot better than the HD collection.

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As you surely know, Sega released a collection called Shenmue I & II a couple of months ago, with the two released games in the series remastered with HD graphics, but as it turns out, Sega initially had bigger plans, and was last year working on a complete remake of the first game. Now Digital Foundry has shared footage of the game which, as you can see, was way better looking than the HD collection.

Why Sega decided to cancel the game is unknown, but they did it sometime last year and went with the remastered collection instead. Regardless, if you're thinking about getting this collection, be sure to check out our review before you buy.

The Shenmue saga continues next year, when Shenmue III is finally due for release. Would you have liked a better remake of Shenmue?

Shenmue I & II

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