Sonic Frontiers

Footage of a playable Amy Rose in Sonic Frontiers has leaked

She even rides a motorcycle made up of Tarot cards.

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A new leak shows off around a minute of gameplay footage showing Amy Rose to be playable in Sonic Frontiers.

It seems Amy will have a deep connection to Tarot in Sonic Frontiers, as in new data mined from the game's code, it appears that Sega has designed a 78-card Tarot deck with custom art that is fully useable in-game.

You not only ride the Tarot cards in the form of a motorcycle, but you can also use them as a weapon, making them into a sword to slash down opponents. The footage of Amy, which popped up on Reddit, should not be taken as official, and some believe that her model has merely been ported in to Sonic Frontiers. But, based on information gathered by fans, it is possible we could see Amy Rose playable in the game in the near future.

Sonic Frontiers

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