Food-fighting arena shooter Rawmen to launch this July

As a free title on the Epic Games Store to begin with.

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As part of the recent TinyBuild Connect show, developer Animal has confirmed that it is ready to put its food-fighting arena shooter Rawmen into the hands of fans. The game is tapped for a full debut on July 23, 2024, as a free-to-play game that is available exclusively through the Epic Games Store to begin with.

The multiplayer title will see two teams of four players slugging it out and hurling food at one another to win a collection of different game modes. As you can probably infer from this premise, Rawmen is set to be a very unique and hilarious shooter that will be a stark change to the more common military shooters that pop up.

With Rawmen set to debut in a couple of months, a new trailer for the game has debuted, which you can see in full below for a taste of what the game will offer up.


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