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Following announcing its women's Valorant roster, TSM has parted ways with LunarKats

TSM: "Today we've agreed to mutually part ways with LunarKats."

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Recently, we reported on the creation of TSM's women's Valorant roster that was set to compete in the recent Valorant Game Changers Tournament. Well, to follow-up on that, the esports organisation has now announced that it has "part ways" with Katherine "LunarKats" So. The tweet announcing the decision read as follows:

"Today we've agreed to mutually part ways with LunarKats.

We're currently looking for a sub to avoid having to pull out of the VCT Game Changers Series."

The reasoning for the parting has yet to be determined, but considering the Valorant Game Changers tournament does require five players on a team, to be in for a shot at the $50,000 prize pool, we'll no doubt be hearing more roster news soon.

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