Follow the life of Senna in Netflix's upcoming miniseries

The show will be coming to the streamer this year.

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There are a lot of iconic racing drivers that are and have competed in Formula 1. Whether it's current legends like Lewis Hamilton, Fernando Alonso, or Max Verstappen, recent icons like Sebastian Vettel, Kimi Räikkönen, and Michael Schumacher, or even some of the even more distant yet memorable legends such as Niki Lauda, Alain Prost, Jackie Stewart, the list goes on. While there are so many famous names to pick out, very few seemed to have the pure raw talent and potential of the Brazilian Ayrton Senna, a driver that many still deem the most talented to ever sit in an F1 car.

Senna's career was cut short however, as the driver was killed during a race in Italy in 1994, leaving behind a career with three world championships to his name. While we've already seen that career explored before in a feature length documentary simply dubbed Senna, Netflix is taking a swing at a very similar idea too in the near future.

The streamer has announced a fictional miniseries called Senna, which will follow the life of the storied F1 driver, and his impact on the world of F1. The series will be coming to Netflix sometime in 2024, but we already have a trailer teasing and giving us a glimpse of what it will have in store and a first taste of Gabriel Leone as the titular racing driver.


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