Focus Home Interactive announces Asobo Studio collaboration

Their upcoming project is called The Plague.

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Focus Home Interactive has announced their collaboration with Asobo Studio to produce a new action-adventure game called The Plague, which is scheduled to come out on PC and consoles.

More will be revealed about the game at an event in Paris called Le What's Next De Focus, taking place from February 1-2. All we know now is that the game is in pre-production.

"Collaborating with Focus Home Interactive on a new, original creation of our team is a major step in the development of our studio," said Sebastian Wloch, CEO of Asobo. "For this ambitious project, we needed the full support of a strong and growing publisher. The Focus team, through their professionalism, enthusiasm and openness, have naturally established themselves as the ideal partners to bring the experience we wish to offer to players."

Cédric Lagarrigue, CEO of Focus Home Interactive, added: ""It is a great pride for Focus to accompany Asobo on an original creation of the studio."

Stay tuned to Gamereactor for more news on The Plague, and you can check out the first picture below. Do you like the sound of it?

Focus Home Interactive announces Asobo Studio collaboration

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