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Fnatic partner with AS Roma to create a FIFA team

They already have three players.

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Esports organisation Fnatic has announced that it has partnered with Italian football club AS Roma to create a FIFA team, aiming to combine "Roma's rich footballing legacy and global fan base with Fnatic's esports-related knowledge and expertise to further solidify Roma's presence in esports," according to the press release.

This new FIFA team, which aims to compete in future FIFA esports leagues and tournaments, includes Aman "Aman" Seddiqi, Sam "Poacher" Carmody, and Nicoló "Insa" Mirra, with Colin Johnson acting as the Manager.

"FIFA's entry into the world of esports has received the attention of many organisations both from established football clubs and esports organisations," said CEO of Fnatic Wouter Sleijffers. "Fnatic is excited to enter this rising esports game with AS Roma, one of the most iconic clubs in football with a long and successful history."

These players will represent Roma when they compete, but Fnatic will manage the team and support them though training, events, and their logistical knowledge.

Through this collaboration, players will represent Roma in the upcoming FIFA tournaments. Fnatic will manage the team and offer support for training, events and provide all esports-related logistical knowledge to nurture them.

"As one of the most digitally-connected sports teams in the world, we've strived to create an organisation at Roma that engages our fans through all digital channels," added Jim Pallotta, President of AS Roma. "With the tremendous growth of esports and continued attention placed on games like FIFA, we've partnered with Fnatic, the world's leading esports organisation, to launch our esports team. This joint venture will enable us to start building a strong legacy in esports and engage our fans in exciting new ways."

"We're thrilled and honoured to work alongside AS Roma by helping the club take its first steps into a new, digital chapter in its rich and storied legacy," concluded Sleijffers. "Whether on the grass or in-game, we share the same ambition: be among the top in the world."

Is the partnering of esports organisations with professional football teams a wise arrangement?


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