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Dota 2

Fnatic is temporarily leaving Dota 2

The esports organisation is leaving the competitive scene while it assesses the game's financial viability.

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When you think about the monstrous prize pools that usually make up the Dota 2 The International tournaments, it might seem unusual that Fnatic is leaving the Dota Pro Circuit temporarily to assess the financial viability of the game and competitive scene. But it is.

As stated in a blog post, the team has made it clear that while The International boasts a very lucrative prize pool, the economics of the scene right now is a different story, one that isn't sustainable for the team as it stands.

"Recently we have been forced to reflect on the sustainability and future of the title for Fnatic, and ultimately, to make a difficult but necessary decision to temporarily withdraw from the DOTA 2 pro circuit. We would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to all the players, staff, and members who have been a part of this incredible journey, alongside our incredible fanbase who have made our journey in the SEA region so special."

As for what this means for Fnatic's current Dota 2 squad, the team has stated that it is looking into finding new homes and places for its players before it formally withdraws from the scene, and that with this in mind, Fnatic will continue to field a team at the ongoing BTS Pro Series.

Dota 2

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