Overwatch 2

Fnatic is returning to competitive Overwatch

The organisation hasn't fielded a team in the scene since 2017.

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Ever since the Overwatch League collapsed and the Overwatch Champions Series made its arrival, we've seen a bit of a mass migration back to the competitive scene by major esports teams. One such that is returning to Overwatch is Fnatic.

The British team has revealed that it will be getting back into the Overwatch circuit with a new team, marking the first time that it has fielded a roster since as far back as 2017, before the Overwatch League even began.

It's unclear as of right now who will make up this team, but no doubt we'll hear more soon, as Fnatic will no doubt be hoping its OW team will be able to qualify for future OWCS majors and the Esports World Cup event this summer.

Overwatch 2

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