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Fnatic confirms Caps has left their team

A tribute video has been released too.

Fnatic has announced that their League of Legends Worlds finalist player Rasmus 'Caps' Winther has departed the team, and have even released a tribute video thanking him for his time at the organisation.

"If I had not joined Fnatic, I would probably not be here today - for that I will always be grateful. Through multiple iterations in staff and players to get there, we had two incredible years," Caps said. "I am very confident that I would have loved staying at Fnatic for the rest of my career. But I have made the decision to move because I want to make the very most out of life and, right now, I see myself doing that elsewhere."

Rumours have been floating around that Caps could join G2, but there has been no official announcement just yet. Where would you like to see him go?

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