Resident Evil 3

Fluctuating frame rate in Resident Evil 3 for Xbox One X

The latest intel has landed ahead of the upcoming launch of Capcom's revitalised horror classic.

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In the remake of Resident Evil 2 for consoles, there really wasn't much to talk about when it came to the technical parts of the game. It looked best on Xbox One X and it played best on Xbox One X. Since Resident Evil 3 uses the same tech, one could imagine this would be the case here as well, but it turns out that isn't true at all, at least not for the demo released last week.

Digital Foundry has examined the demo and found that Capcom has boosted the resolution for Xbox One X which now targets 4K, which now looks clearly sharper than the rest of the formats (Playstation 4 Pro runs the game in 1620p). But it turns out it comes at a high price and Capcom notes that the "Xbox One X exhibits clear problems, dropping into 40-50fps territory in the main shopping area and dipping still further into the 30s for cutscenes" while "Playstation 4 Pro holds up".

Capcom does, however, remind us that "this is just a demo and the final game could change everything", but suggests the option to choose between 4K resolution and a solid frame rate would sort out all Xbox One X problems and still make it the go-to version for consoles. Digital Foundry also points out that the game runs in 1080p for Playstation 4 and a dynamic resolution for Xbox One (which targets 1080p but rarely reaches it).

On which format will you be playing Resident Evil 3?

Resident Evil 3

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